My name's Chara. I'm human too.
— Chara introducing themself

Chara is the last human that fell in Underground before the protagonist. You encounter them in the beginning of Snowdin. They take the role of Sans.



Chara is a human around the same size as the protagonist. They have light brown hair and blush on both their cheeks. They wear a light green hoodie with no pockets or zipper over a white t-shirt, black shorts, and red gloves and boots.


When first encountering the protagonist, Chara behaves in a laid-back and amiable manner. They are mischievous and teasing at times, shown when pranking the protagonist with ketchup packets and picking fun at their brother Asriel. Despite their playful and teasing attitude, they get flustered by endearing terms, particularly when Asriel unwittingly calls them "cute".

Chara seems to use their casual attitude to hide a more troubled past and self. A phone conversation with Asriel reveals that after staring at the door to the Ruins one day, Chara approached him and emotionally embraced him. Like their canon counterpart, they harbor a negative attitude towards humanity; when calling them inside of the Wishing Room, they express disapproval of the protagonist being there and fervently urges them to leave. Despite this, they appear mournful at the deaths of the previous Fallen children; they tell the protagonist to "pay their respects" when called where the Notebook is found. When speaking about the Amalgamates to Asriel during an online chat, Chara reacts defensively and then angrily when Asriel questions their decisions to forgive their father Asgore and expresses wariness over the Amalgamates.


  • Chara is still alive because Toriel asked King Sans to not kill them due to her strong resistance to his plans.
  • Chara fell into the Underground only with their black shorts and white shirt, their hoodie was made by monsters or probably found at Garbage Dump.
  • Chara's Undernet username, TOGOREteh4GOT10, means Togore the Forgotten. The "Togore" part of the name is Toriel and Asgore's names combined in a different way from Asriel, most likely wanting to imply they are the child of the former two.

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